Tweedy Auld Craw brings you a collection of high quality, bespoke, handmade, distinctive, genuine Harris Tweed cushions with a variety of Harris Tweed appliqué motifs in a variety of colours. Tweedy Auld Craw mixes the traditional Harris Tweeds, as well as the more modern fabrics to create a lively bright and interesting accent cushions. Appliqués contrast with the base colours of the cushions.

About the Tweedy Auld Craw:

I took early retirement after teaching primary school children for thirty years and bought myself a new sewing machine to make some Scottish tartan trews for my grandsons. I really enjoyed having the time, at long last, to spend sewing and creating, with love, something, which I was very proud of.
Then a few months later, I was thinking of a gift that I could make my best friend for her birthday. To fit in with a silver stag on her dining room wall I chose to make her a set of Harris Tweed cushions with a stag appliqué. She loved them!!
Since then my cushions have been in demand and now they are in homes all over the world!

About Harris Tweed:

All of the Harris Tweed I buy is straight from the Harris Tweed shop & warehouse in Tarbert, the principle town on the island of Harris.
Harris Tweed is hand woven on the islands of Harris & Lewis from 100% pure wool by self-employed craftsmen & women, who have often learned the craft from their forefathers over the years. The wool itself is gathered from flocks of sheep on the mainland and mixed with the island wool, when the sheep are sheared in the early summer. The raw un-dyed wool is then taken to the island mills, where it is washed and dyed into a beautiful range of colours. This process, ‘dyed in the wool’ is unique to Harris Tweed. After the drying process, the coloured wools are blended together in a predetermined and secret recipe, then it is carded and spun to produce the spectrum of yarns that we see in the finished Harris Tweed. The wool then gets delivered to the crofts of the weavers. Here it is woven, by hand, on a treadle loom. Once finished the bolts of unfinished tweed are collected from outside the croft gates and returned to the mill for finishing. It is washed and conditioned, then inspected by the Harris Tweed Authority and only if the necessary regulations have been met, is it stamped with the Certification Mark, or ORB Mark, as it is known throughout the world.